Permission to Duplicate Ken Anderson Dvds

Lane Anderson has given some people permission to duplicate his dvds or vcds. Here is a letter from him to someone for permission to duplicate the vcds or dvds.

I am guessing that he will give this permission to everyone who is genuinely interested in sharing the gospel. If you want to contact him personally for permission, please write him at this email address

This letter below has been written by Lane Anderson:

You have done the honorable step of contacting us for permission.

As President and CEO of InterComm, Inc/Ken Anderson Films, it is a privilege to give you full permission to duplicate, copy, and share any number of DVD's for ongoing ministry purposes. You are permitted as well to charge a small fee to those who wish to receive copies and can afford to pay for the duplication costs.

It has always been our policy that any Ken Anderson Film belongs to the Lord and to His greater worldwide ministry. It is because of this commitment we are passing on to you the permission for duplication and distribution. It is not necessary to seek any other source.

We would be interested at some time in the future to read from you how many copies of each film you have duplicated. This is not a demand, but a friendly request. We wish you God's best in expanding His Kingdom through the ministry we call AVangelism (Audio Visual Evangelism).

Warmest Christian greetings,


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